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Why Choose Acuerdo Consulting?

Acuerdo Ltd. works with a group of "Associates" who team-up to work on your project, bringing the right expertise for every job.


Team of Industry leading figures in semiconductor and technology industry who have successfully tackled all these issues in real-World scenarios at the UK's most successful technology start-up; Arm


An established record of successful partnerships across the industry, and a valuable trusted network enable Acuerdo to operate efficiently and deliver bespoke solutions on-time and on-cost.


Huge experience managing and leading teams and individuals at senior level management in a technology leader. Getting the best out of engineering, commercial and IT teams. Managing across boundaries in complex organisations.


Using the power of partnership, technical and ecosystem marketing to create powerful leverage in difficult supplier negotiations. In-depth experience in negotiation complex deals with vendors for best-value results.


Bringing IP Design-Verification strategies acquired over an era when many new methodologies were introduced into engineering workflows. Engineering data strategies that exploit modern data science practices to drive rich engineering insights and process/workflow improvements

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