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In-budget solutions

Industry leading negotiation skills and commercial awareness to construct deals that deliver value over time.

Competitive high-tech businesses continually reduce time-to-market and time-to-money by addressing many business challenge areas, simultaneously; Manufacturing capabilities, design-cycle times, cost to develop product, commercial model and business development to name the obvious ones.


If you are deploying complex and expensive engineering platforms to develop your product, managing within sensible costs without compromising on product quality and time to market can be a huge challenge. Often you will be faced with negotiating with powerful suppliers and partners, just when you would rather be focussing on team and business development.

Can you spare the time to do it yourself, or have the headcount hire and develop a team with the know-how and experience to carry it all off? Outsourcing is the tested route to reduce ongoing commitments and cost. Use Acuerdo core skills to help and guide the development of your supply-side strategy and operation and deliver best-in-class and robust platforms to your engineering team.

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