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Ecosystem and alliances strategy development

Strategy development is critical to success and is a key Acuerdo skill set; Clarifying the objectives of your business (Vision, Mission, Strategy), budgeting for necessary resource and providing commercial and marketing direction. Plan for success by identifying and avoiding risks to the business (excessive cost, ecosystem pressures etc.). Manage sales channels and ecosystems for technical and commercial advantage.


In today's complex technology marketplaces, it is not uncommon to be partnering with other companies that are simultaneously suppliers, customers, collaborators on marketing programs and competitors!

However, many organisations do not have the time or expertise to develop the necessary partnership campaigns and leave a lot of value unexplored.

Partnering with other companies is an excellent way to increase your company's marketing reach. Collaboration on technology projects can result in spectacular results which then drive interesting marketing campaigns. The act of partnering can increase leverage for both companies, resulting in increased market presence and sales success.

Acuerdo have extensive Ecosystem knowledge to help drive technical, marketing and commercial leverage upwards. We can complement your senior management team to help seemlessly develop and drive development of that adds value to your organisation.

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