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Acuerdo bring extensive industry networks, decades of engineering, negotiation, marketing, partnership and enablement experience to complex business and engineering challenges in the semiconductor industry.

Engineering platform strategy

IP Verification Planning and Strategies

Exploiting engineering data

Board Advisory

Commercial negotiation

Marketing and ecosystem strategy

Leadership coaching

Business model development

Business development support

Our Services

You decide where to go next...

Engineering expertise

Advanced engineering and data science skills to analyse technical issues and recommend best-in-class solutions

Ecosystem and alliances

Ecosystem knowledge to help drive technical, marketing and commercial leverage

In-budget solutions

Industry leading negotiation skills and commercial awareness to construct deals that deliver value over time

Engineering IT platforms

Engineering IT analysis to provide strategies on how to best deploy robust engineering platforms

Project Management

Operational expertise to help drive project to conclusion

People & team


Senior Leadership coaching and mentoring. Lab to Leadership training

Our Partners

Acuerdo is working with US based Tortuga Logic, a cybersecurity company specializing in hardware security, to help develop technical and ecosystem strategy for their Radix tool suite. Radix detects and prevents system-level SoC hardware security vulnerabilities during pre-silicon security verification

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Andrew Dauman

VP Engineering, Tortuga Logic

Ready to find out more?

If you own, or run a technology company that needs help and guidance in engineering platform provision, ecosystem management, people and team development, or business development, give us a call or send us your details.

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